Ultra Marathons

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A Consultant with a Difference

Nick took up high altitude ultra marathon endurance trail running in his early 50’s to further improve his work / life balance.

Many of the races he has competed in, are held in the European Alps. Notable races include the Mont Blanc 90K (90km distance with 6225m vertical climb), CCC (101km with 6, 100m vertical climb and the Swiss Irontrail T127 (125.1km with 6, 236m vertical climb, maximum altitude 3, 023m). Each of the races are time trialled with cut-off times along the route. Many of the races have drop out rates of up to 45% even amongst competing international ultra athletes. The time taken to complete such races varies but can involve non-stop racing for over 24 hours.

The terrain can vary hugely and be very technical. The terrain may be very steep, unstable, muddy, rocky, icy or in snow. There are precipitous falls in places. The weather at high altitude can be very unpredictable all year round and such races require athletes to carry a mandatory supply of food, water, clothing and survival equipment. Frequent bag checks are held failure to carry the mandatory list of equipment results in disqualification. The Mont Blanc race in 2017 required a minimum self-sufficient water supply of 3 litres with temperatures up to 32C.

The races are in self-sufficiency or semi self-sufficiency and the longer distance races involve running overnight in the mountains.

The ability to participate and complete the races requires a very high degree of determination, self-discipline and both physical and mental fitness.

As an elite athlete Nick believes the fitness he has gained both physically and mentally, enhance his ability to work as an orthopaedic surgeon and to increase his empathy for the injured recreational and elite athlete.

Nick has an in-depth knowledge of acute musculoskeletal injuries and chronic overuse musculoskeletal injuries and over 24 years experience as a consultant treating such injuries.

Please see list of races completed, pictures and photos.

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Completed Races

42K Swiss Alpine marathon 2012.

78K Swiss Alpine marathon 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Jungfrau marathon 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017.

Zermatt ultramarathon 2014 and 2015.

Mont Blanc 80K marathon 2015 and 2017 (85 km with 6180 metres ascent / descent).

Swiss Irontrail 42K marathon 2015.

Fan Dance, Brecon Beacons 2016 (Winter and Summer races) and 2017

Winter race. CCC Chamonix 2016 (101 km with 6100 metres ascent / descent)

Dorset Ultra Plus marathon 2016 (73 km)

South Devon Ultra marathon 2017 (54 km)

Exmoor Ultra Plus marathon 2017 (73 km)

Mont Blanc 90K 2018 (92 km)

Swiss Irontrail T127 2018 (127 km)

CCC Chamonix 2018 (101 km with 6100 metres ascent / descent)

Fan Dance Hunted, Brecon Beacons 2019 

Swiss Eiger Trail 2019 (51 km with 3100 metres ascent / descent)

Swiss Irontrail T88 2019 (88 km with 3,640 metres ascent / descent)

North Yorkshire Ultra 2019 (33.6 miles with 4,556 feet ascent)

South Devon Ultra 2020

Promotional video of the 90Km Mont Blanc Marathon 2019

The video features Nick at the 7s stage of the video before the start of the race. You might wish to watch the whole video to appreciate the technical nature of the race and the beauty.