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Whether you have suffered a soft tissue injury, minor fracture or a more major fracture, the consequences of the injury can be lasting both to you and your family.

It is important you get prompt and efficient treatment to optimise your recovery.

Most soft tissue injuries will recover completely within a short period of time with RICE ( Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation ) supplemented with physiotherapy treatment. Other soft tissue injuries notably major ligament tears may require surgery and prolonged physiotherapy rehabilitation.

Some fractures need little more than a temporary period of splintage within a plaster cast or strapping. Some fractures however require surgery to fix the bone and to allow early movement of joints to prevent secondary stiffness of the nearby joint.

Nick has a wealth of experience managing soft tissue injuries and fractures and can provide a consultation on the same day as the injury if necessary. He will be able to advise you on the correct course of treatment to optimise your recovery.

Occasionally your private health insurance company will authorise your transfer from your NHS hospital to a private hospital for surgical treatment subject to the transfer being in your best interests and with the agreement of the medical team looking after you in the NHS hospital.

Nick has trained in major European and North American Trauma Centres and regularly keeps up-to-date with trauma care.

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