Nick Kenny is an orthopaedic surgeon

Nick is a specialist Cheshire Knee Surgeon working with Keyhole Knee Surgery and Knee Replacement Operations in South Manchester and Cheshire.

Nick is a committed endurance alpine marathon runner.
Simply put, he understands first hand the needs of althetes, sportsmen and sportswomen

Sporting Injuries

Whether you are an elite athlete or a recreational athlete you require the best care available to enhance your recovery.

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Whether you have suffered a soft tissue injury, minor fracture or a more major fracture, the consequences of the injury can be lasting both to you and your family.

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Knee Replacement Operations

Involves removing the worn joint surfaces from the top end of the shin bone and the bottom end of the thigh bone.

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Keyhole Knee Surgery (Knee Arthroscopy)

A knee arthroscopy is a keyhole operation whereby a telescope attached to a camera is placed inside your knee joint.

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